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Saturday, 8 December 2018

Spring Clean

It was nice to feel the sun touch skin for a few hours.
I arrived by 10am to make the most of the sunny morning ahead of me. Sadly the ground was so wet from nearly a week of rain there was nothing that could be done. 

So I turned my attention to one of the beds which will have vegetables growing in it next year. I cut back the brambles but even this, after 20 minutes the ground was muddy so it was time to give up on this as well. 

A few plot holders arrived (Maureen, Jim and Barbara) so it was time for a cuppa tea. Once the world was set I returned to my plot and cleaned out the storage shed. 

Lost compost bags. 

I may have only had the plot for nearly a year but it's surprising how quickly a shed can get out of order. At the back I found several bags of seed sowing compost and a large multi-purpose bag. Great. I can start sowing some seeds on Sunday, if the weather is good. 

As soon as I got home the rain started lashing against the windows. It's so pleasing to spend time on the plot but get home before the rain arrives. 

Hopefully the sun will come out tomorrow. 

Point of interest:
Christmas is a time of cleaning out the clutter for Pagans.

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