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Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Planting the Cherry and Apple Trees

It was good to get the trees into the ground. The cherry and two apple trees now sit in their permanent place. As they are classed as 'patio trees', they won't grow higher than 4ft.

l-r Apple (Elstar), Cherry (Van), Apple (Jonagold)

I dug a trench to mark the start of the fruit garden which will be bordered with a line of lavender bushes and a wildflower section of poppies and cornflowers.

The ground around the fruit trees will be covered in cardboard with wood chips spread on top. A sort of no-dig fruit garden.

Late Autumn and Winter is the best time to plant a fruit garden. As long as there is no hard frost forecast in the days after planting, everything will be just fine.

As the sun set it created some beautiful colours across the allotment site

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