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Saturday, 17 November 2018

Getting the raspberry trench ready

Day started off quite warm, 19*c. Nobody on site which is surprising for such a good weekend day.

The plan was to skim the top off a length within the fruit garden but ended up doing a good job of weeding with fork and hands.

Jim & Barbara arrived at midday with a new bird bath for the side of their pond. Now is the time to start thinking about feeding and keeping the birds topped up with fresh drinking water.

The ground is wet and making the task much longer. The main part of the bed is quite free of weeds, it's only the edges that require a firm hand to take out the clods of grass.

19*c when I arrived at 10am

By 3:30pm the temperature was down to 8*c and quite chilly. The moon became visible at the same time so I packed up and headed for home. Raspberries will have to be planted another day.

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