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Sunday, 18 November 2018

First Raspberries Planted

The weather forecast has been predicating a cold snap and it certainly arrived this morning. It was very windy on site and that made filming a video quite difficult. I filmed another monthly tour of the plot which you can watch here...

After a few mugs of tea to keep warm I set about digging out a trench for the yellow Raspberries from Marshalls ( Each of my beds measures 12ft wide and traditionally you would plant raspberries 2ft apart but seeing as I wanted all the yellow ones in the same strip I planted mine 1ft apart. I'll have to keep a sharp eye on them in the future and be on top of the pruning. The entire plot may look big but when I worked out everything I want to grow, like every other garden, some plants have to be squeezed in.

Raspberries, v. All Gold

The variety I've planted is All Gold. I grew this around 20 years ago back in Wales and love the flavour. It's an Autumn fruiting raspberry and described as...

"producing attractive yellow fruit for lovely autumn colour. The same vigour, habit and cropping potential as Autumn Bliss but with superior, sweeter-tasting fruit. Will fruit well into autumn - even after October - and being short, the canes need little or no support. All Gold is perfect for the home gardener or those with smaller fruit and vegetable plots."

I do plan to erect supports but didn't have all the materials to do it at this stage.

By 3pm it was getting far too chilly so I packed up and headed home.

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