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Wednesday, 2 August 2017

A Possible New Allotment

I've been unhappy on my London allotment for a while now. I feel that I've outgrown the space and need a new challenge and something bigger to grow more crops.

A viewer of my youtube channel, Jim, lives in the next village and mentioned via social media that his site may have some plots available and would I like to visit one day. I took him up on the offer so today I caught the bus and travelled around 40 minutes from home to his site.

He gave me a tour of the site and introduced me to those who were out gardening in the August sunshine. It looked a beautiful site and everyone had a smile on their face.

The first plot he shown me was very overgrown and hadn't been worked for a few years. The neighbouring plot, even though it was occupied, also hadn't been worked for a while. The second plot we visited "could be available" at some point over the coming year but it was unclear exactly when. You see the couple who currently rent it are in the process of moving house but don't want to give the plot up until it's absolutely certain they are leaving the area.

I love the feel of this plot. It's on the corner next to the site Shop and close to the main gate. There is a large tree and a stream runs along one side of the plot. It certainly is an interesting shape.

NOTE: In time I would except the first plot I was shown.

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