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Saturday, 30 June 2018

Looking back over June

The weather during May was nice, sunny and bright with daytime temperatures reaching 23*c but June stepped it up and reached temperatures of 28*c. Not nice weather to be gardening. I visited the plot in the evenings hoping for cooler weather but that didn't work. So I sat back and took a slower pace, so slow that I just relaxed on my garden visits.

It was quite refreshing to just sit, think, drink tea and watch my dahlias come into bloom.

I'm loving these Cactus Dahlias. The colours are stunning.
Variety Kenora Sunset Medium Semi-Cactus

The shed was erected on May 28 and exactly a month later I was taking it down. The reason? Initially I was given clearance to build the shed but once it was build, it looked much bigger than anyone thought, including me. It was at this point that I realised the shed location was slightly raised compared with the rest of my allotment garden. Other plot holders started referring to it as the "summerhouse" and I was requested by the bods at the top to take it down. I was happy to take it down because it did look like a grand mansion on the top of a hill.

So exactly a month after erecting it I set about bringing it down. It was a hot day, and I mean hot, in the region of 28*c. It came down rather quicker than I had planned as you can see from the video above. But not everything is lost. I will recycle the wood to make a new, smaller shed.

While taking a break and trying my best to get out of the heat into some shade, I discovered that the corner on the far side of my plot was part shaded by my neighbours tree - an idea location for a shed.

During July I plan to get my new shed build so I can at least have some shade out of this heat which has been forecast to stay around until the end of July.

The ground on my allotment is hard, really really hard, so hard that I've already broken one fork. Progress is therefore slow. I just need a few days of good rain to soften the soil.