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Monday, 26 November 2018

Planting Hot Chocolate

The plan was to finish planting the raspberries in the fruit garden but I ended up planting a rose.

Back at the start of Summer I spotted a beautiful rose on a friends allotment. Stunning colours that looked straight out of a Victorian novel. It was called Hot Chocolate and after searching the internet I managed to find that J Parkers were selling it.

Their website describes it as...

"Uniquely coloured buds of rusty orange opening to reveal warm velvety smoked chocolate brown. Contrasted nicely against very dark glossy foliage. Winner of both the Rose of the Year 2006 and the distinguished Award of Garden Merit this floribunda variety rates high with good disease resistance and repeat flowering habit. Floribunda roses are an excellent choice for your summer garden as they will bear colourful blooms in large clusters on each stem throughout the summer months, flowering June to September." 

To give it the space it deserves I moved the Hot Bin Composter from the side of the tool shed to the front so I could plant the rose in that location. As it grows it will have the backdrop of the shed side panel to really make a stunning display. This is also a location which can be viewed from the main allotment site path so hopefully everyone else will also appreciate it. 

Back inside my shed I lit the cooker to make a cuppa tea and noticed that a few plot holders were arriving. Ten minutes later we were all in the communal shed enjoying tea, biscuits and having a good chat.

By the time I got back to my plot it was getting dark so there was no time to finish planting the raspberries or the rhubarb crowns which arrived in the post earlier in the day.

I'll tell you more about them when I plant them. Bye for now.

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