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Saturday, 19 May 2018

Building Foundations

There is a Royal Wedding today so the allotment site is empty apart from myself, the birds and a fox sleeping under an old gooseberry bush on my plot.

In the past I've always stay indoors on hot days, not being able to cope with the heat but this year I seem to be doing ok; it reached 21*c.

Today it was all about foundations for the new shed. I'm recycling materials which I found on my plot, old slab stones and bricks. Using the foundations from the old shed I simply extended the area with new slabs. This task took all day.

During a break I checked on the recently planted birch trees and can see new leaves starting to grow. They were so dry when they arrived in the post I was concerned they wouldn't grow but they have and it will be a nice space to sit and enjoy the shade in a few years.

Packing up to leave at 7pm from an 11am start, I'm still not sure the base is level but the heat of the day had drained me. Before the shed is build I'll get the spirit level back out and check one more time.

Once the shed is in place that will give me a base where I can rest, relax, make a cuppa tea and a sandwich and quietly get on with the task of knocking this patch of land into shape.

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