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Monday, 30 April 2018

Bamboo and Birds

Overcast but dry was the order of the day. My main aim today was to purchase bamboo canes from the site shop which meant arriving by 10:30am. The bamboo canes will be used for Runner Beans and Climbing French Beans. I bought 50 canes for £20, more than I need so I've got a few spares.

Strimming the grass

Having found the battery for my strimmer at the back of my shed under some old bags, I set about strimming the grass. I managed two beds before the battery failed on me, must charge it and do it later in the week. There were lots of birds around today so I filled my bird station with fresh food. Depending on the weather this maybe the last time I'll do it this year because Jim tells me you easy off the food as the season heads into May.

Birds are loving the new feeding table

The usual mugs of tea and chatting up with fellow plot holders took place then I disappeared off to the local cafe for a Sunday lunch.

By mid-afternoon the temperature had really dropped. I worked out that 41 canes are needed for a double-row of Runner/Climbing French Beans. Rather than have 2 double rows, I've decided to just have one but put Runner Beans on one side and Climbing French Beans on the other.

The bluebells in Jim's Woodland look beautiful

I packed up and got home quickly so I could warm myself by the fire with a cuppa tea. A good day.

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