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Sunday, 7 January 2018

Signing Contract and Surprise

I arrived bright and early despite the dull overcast weather. Jim met me at the gate and took me to 'my' new allotment. Jim headed back to the clubhouse to put the kettle on while I spend some time inspecting the plot.

A few minutes later and Jim reappeared, like Mr Benn, with news that the Chairman had just found out that the adjacent plot was also available and did I want to take on that plot as well! Jim suggested a took some time to think about it and to meet him back in the clubhouse where tea will be served.

For 10 minutes I walked around the two plots. Would it be too much to take on?, I thought. In the end I decided it was too much of a good offer to turn down so quickly headed to the clubhouse to sign the contracts and pay the rent to the Chairman.

Thirty minutes later and the deal was done. I was also given a discount because one of the plots was deemed to be "in a bad way" so I got the second plot free for the first year. I arrived with one plot and leaving with two (although during the 'Dig for Victory' campaign the two plots would have been classed as a 'full size plot').

Before leaving I walked around and took lots of pictures so I could make a plan of what I wanted to do with the plot. As I did I realised there was a railway track running along one side of the plot with a lot of brambles creeping in through the chainlink fence. My head was swimming with lots of ideas as Jim kindly offered me a lift home in his car.

The overall size of my new allotment is 17m x 13.7m (56ft x 45ft).

A shed comes with the new plot
Items left in the shed by the previous owner
New plot plus new shed

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