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Sunday, 16 December 2018

"Your shed roof has blown off!"

The theme this weekend was 'moving'. I recently constructed the Vegepod and this was moved to its final position outside the storage shed. WoodBlocx were moved to a new location and then the rain started falling heavily on late Saturday afternoon.

During the evening I received an email to tell me that my shed roof had blown off. Early Sunday morning I set off for the allotment and arrived at 8am, just as dawn was breaking. Inspecting the shed I found everything was alright but a bit of sheeting was blowing in the wind, maybe this looked from afar that the roof had left but it hadn't.

So here I was, very early with no other plans than to fix a roof which didn't need fixing. Being Sunday there were no trains passing so it was beautiful to just sit and listen to the full-bodied songs of the birds.

As the sun slowly rose it burnt off the light frost covering everything and plumes of smoke surrounded the allotment. Therefore the ground was wet so no digging today. I used the time to clean both sheds and rearrange the internal layouts.

Within one of the vegetable beds stood a very large rosemary bush. Inside it was quite woody so I decide to take some cuttings before removing the bush. The large pieces were placed on our site sharing table for others to take for their Sunday lunches.

I stayed until darkness covered the site. It was a very relaxing day of just pottering around and achieving quite a bit of completing those odd jobs.

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Sunday, 9 December 2018


Today was our allotment site Annual General Meeting. Once the meeting was over there was Christmas food and drink plus a chance to meet new faces and catch up with regulars. We were also given our invoices for the 2019 rent.

Inside the storage shed - the plan is to built something into the storage shed to make it easier to sow seeds. Today I sowed Sweet Peas and Geraniums.

By 3pm the temperature was quickly dropped so I headed for the gate and home.